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Bring your blob family to life! Available as a 10x10 inch digital hand drawn portrait, emailed to you within two weeks of payment OR as an 8x8 inch watercolor portrait! Blobs can be family, friends, pets, or whoever you'd like!


Email The Blob Lady at with your blob specifications. Make sure you include some personal details, such as your hobbies, occupation, general appearance (hairstyle & color), favorite color, and any personal identifying qualities you'd like caricaturized. For questions or further details, please call 907-978-3232.


Portrait is for personal use only. This is a digital drawing that will be emailed to you for you to print at your printer of choice. Watercolor portrait will be mailed to you, or pickup can be arranged if you are local to the Fairbanks, Alaska area. Enjoy as your desktop background, profile picture, or family photo for your Christmas card!

Blobbify Portrait

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