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Illustrating & Publishing service

Have you ever wondered what it would take to bring your idea to life as a fully illustrated and commercially available book? I offer a one-stop, illustration, design and publication service. 

The cost to illustrate a book varies based upon complexity and style request. The price per contract averages from $3,000 to $5,000 and includes 15 full color illustrations, design, and publication. 

In other words, we begin with your idea and words, and in 4 months you complete our contract with your book in hand that is available for purchasing on Amazon. I set up my clients as a self-publisher through Amazon's print on demand service (Kindle Direct). 

As the artist, designer, and publisher, my contract fee is final and once your book is finished, I do not get royalties or further payments. Your text and story remain 100% yours the entire time. 

Custom Art

Pet PortraitS

• 9x11 inch watercolor portrait (no frame) for $150.

• 11x16 inch acrylic painting on 1-inch thick wood panel, sealed in epoxy resin with hanging hardware installed for $250.

Custom Paintings      

• Acrylic on canvas or wood plank for $1 per square inch.​​

• Oil on canvas or wood for $3 per square inch.

• Watercolor is $1.50 per square inch.

*Canvas paintings are varnished and wood plank is either varnished or sealed in resin before delivery. Watercolor paintings are delivered sealed in a clear protective bag. 


• Digital, inks, markers, pencils, mix media. Pricing can vary depending on the medium, complexity, and usage rights of the project (personal or commercial). Price range is $100-250+ per illustration.


Graphic Design

• Logo Design $250 per logo.

• General design including (but not limited to) business cards, brochures, banners, and flyers is $80 per hour.