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October 22-23  Winter Expo

Carlson Center - Fairbanks, AK

October 29-30  Bentley Mall BOO-zar!

Bentley Mall - Fairbanks, AK

November 19  Ryan Middle School Bazaar

 Fairbanks, AK

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A word from the blob lady...

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Hello! My name is Juliana Miller and I am a self-taught artist living in North Pole, Alaska. I'm a mother to two fantastic kids and a wife to a one-of-a-kind husband. You certainly have to be one-of-a-kind to support your wife's incessant doodling of cartoon blobs.

Blobs originated one fateful day in middle school Biology while I was looking under a microscope at my cheek cell. Mr. Spiers tasked us students with the job of drawing what we saw under the microscope. I did not care much for science, but I certainly loved drawing. I drew the amoebic shape I saw, but alas it was too boring for me, so I did what every self-respecting eighth grader would do, and I added googly eyes.


That day in science class, the blob was born. It was pretty cute, so I continued drawing them in other classes as well. With small adjustments and accessories, blobs were easily customizable. Soon, I was drawing my classmates and teachers as blobs.


As I grew older, I never did much more than doodle and paint blobs for fun. My friends and family were amused, but it wasn't until I was publishing other people's books that I began to wonder what others might think of them as well. I stepped out into my community and attended a few bazaars and the state fair. I was blown away by the support and found that blobs were adored by people of all ages. I love to make people smile, and blobs brought lots!