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based out of Fairbanks, Alaska

Pioneer Park Cabin #7


Open Memorial Day through Labor Day 

Vintage Faire

(Shoppers Forum) Saturday & Sunday, March 2 & 3


Blobbify offers blob merchandise, books, and personalized art. Whether you're adopting a new blob friend, wearing a blob hat, or commissioning a Blobbify portrait of yourself or friends, my goal is to leave the world a joyful, happier, lighter, place. 


My name is Juliana Miller and I am a self-taught artist living in North Pole, Alaska. Blobs originated one day in middle school Biology class while I was looking under a microscope. We were tasked with drawing what we saw under the microscope and labeling the parts. I did not care much for science but I certainly loved drawing, so I drew the amoebic shape I saw and decided to add eyeballs and a smiley face. That day in school, the blob was born. It was pretty cute, so I continued drawing them in other classes as well. With small adjustments and accessories, blobs were easily customizable. Soon, I was drawing my classmates and teachers as blobs.

Fast forward a few years, I got a degree in Advertising from the University of Idaho, moved back to Alaska and began work as a graphic designer. I got married, freelanced illustrations and design commissions, had twins, and still felt the "draw" of the blobs. With the experiences I'd gained through my professional and personal life, I formed the business of blobs. 

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